Your combined BACHELOR-ETTE party


emember in middle and high school during the summer breaks when, suddenly, coed parties were all the rage? With a hint of nostalgia and a flair for the non-traditional, conjoined bachelor-bachelorette parties are starting to come into style. It's a great option for couples who have mutual friends – boys and girls alike – or those who want to opt out of the traditional bachelorette or bachelor parties for a more comprehensive joint bachelor-bachelorette party. Enjoy the last few days of singlehood and take a break from wedding madness. If you’re looking to get all your pals involved in a combined pre-wedding romp, we have some out of the box ideas to make your celebration with friends and your wedding party especially memorable.

Here are a few exciting things you can do throughout the day with your wedding troop to have a memorable bachelor-ette party.

A Murder Mystery Party

If your group of friends is already a package of drama and a little theatrical (and could fake a few accents), then gather them together for an evening of intrigue and detective work. Organise a murder mystery party which includes a plot line, rules, list of characters and their descriptions, clues, and a definitive guide as to how to plan the evening. To add more life to the party, a theme can be set and everyone plays along, trying to figure out which party guest may be a killer. At the end, everyone can make accusations and defend themselves, and after the murderer is revealed. You can wind down with some barbecue in the backyard. It’s a unique idea for a troop that has a flair for dramatics.

An Olympics-Style Competition

Add a little spice to your party by introducing some friendly competitions among the wedding troop by incorporating an Olympics-style competition with bridesmaids vs. groomsmen or any other “teams” you choose. Dodgeball, relay races, or track-and-field style events are a great option for the day time, and then in the later part it could turn into drinking games, and karaoke night. If you’re more into regular co-ed team sports, consider a game of kickball, flag football, or even volleyball on a floating court in your pool!! A scavenger hunt can also squeeze in between these fun fiesta activities.





If you want to backpack and go for a trip, share this piece of information with your wedding shenanigans and pack your bags because it’s time to bring your travel spree back!



If you are a fan of YJHD and want to recreate those Manali scenes, this is the place you must go with your wedding squad. Team Bride Vs  Team Groom trekking competition and the losing team would have to prepare the tents and food, would surely be adventurous and fun. If your wedding squad identify themselves as adventure seekers, here are a few few activities for an adrenaline rush: bungee jumping, and adventure bridge climbing in Club House Manali and Van Vihar, whitewater rafting in Beas River in Kullu, zorbing, hot air ballooning and mountain biking in Solang Valley.



Situated in the northern part of Maharashtra, Nashik has a culturally rich history. ‘Wine is sunlight, held together by water’– Sula Vineyards host the ‘Sulafest’ every year in February, and it boasts to be the best wine tours in India and is also popularly called ‘the Mecca of Wines’. Apart from Sulafest, wine tours are organized throughout the year. If you and your troop are wine people, this is one of the most exhilarating places to go and shed your wedding tiredness.



If you are a beach person and want to enjoy the last few days of bachelorhood at a beach but not celebrate the Bachelor-Bachelorette in typical Goa, then Andaman and Nicobar Islands it is. Enjoying different water sports has to be on your travel bucket list. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie or not, the beaches are a storehouse of fun and have something for everyone. You can try many adventure activities- scuba diving, snorkeling, jet-skiing, kayaking, banana boat riding, glass-bottom boat riding, and a lot more. You can also rent a luxury cruise or yacht for a day’s party or overnight stay. Imagine embarking on a continuous journey with your closed knitted group, grooving music with your favorite drinks, and the serenity of the water. To add a little spice, take along with you some funky look alike clothes and dance to the groovy beats at the beaches with your pals. The memories you would take back of these moments are sure to make you shed a happy tear even after decades.



For skiing lovers in the troop, this place promises a wonderful time. This winter wonderland in Uttarakhand is easily accessible and has earned the fame of being one of the best skiing resorts in the country. The conifer-lined slopes along with majestic Himalayan views are simply breath-taking. Go for skiing challenges and switch on the competitive mode of your troop to enhance the fun. Take a seat and enjoy the beautiful scenic view Auli has to offer through the ropeway ride.




Take a few days off from the wedding preparations, and seek some solace in this beautiful and peaceful place. Famous to be known as the hub of spirituality, it also boasts to be the abode of some of the most exhilarating adventurous sports. Seek spiritual relief, peace, adventure and a dip of salvation. Attending the beautiful Ganges ceremony, making wishes with your friends’ troops and floating those sparkling lamps is truly a magnificent feeling accompanied by the auspicious atmosphere.

If your wedding troop has an adventure streak, desire to undertake thrills and some guts! Here we bring you some of the most unique adventures to give you the much-needed adrenaline rush and lifetime of memories. A daredevil activity that allows you to swallow all your fear: The Giant Swing that swings you above a height of 83 meters. Adrenalin seekers can go for the Flying Fox where they get to cross a one-kilometer stretch over the Ganga.



Stay away from the cruel sun and plan your Udaipur trip with your wedding shenanigans in the chilly weather only. If they have a thing for history and culture, this sure would brighten their mood. Rich in heritage, this city of lakes offers many places one can explore like the camel rides, the historic monuments etc. A quick stop to the Bada Bazaar, Rajasthali and Clock Tower before the wedding is a must to do! 


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