t was not an arranged marriage, it was a love marriage. I was studying in France and he was in Bombay during COVID time when our parents exchanged our bio data and then we started talking. The first conversation in itself lasted for two hours which was shocking because it was not in the zone of getting married but something kept me hopeful. So then I visited India.


He came to visit me after two to three months when I was still studying in France. We went on a trip together. During New Years Eve we were all at our friends place. We were all having our drinks. I was having apple cider and he convinced my friend to put the ring in my drink. For a very long time at least 40 times I could not see the ring. They were all looking at me. When I saw someone making a video, I was like what is happening. Just around the last sip I saw the ring and it was just our close friends and we all were laughing at how ignorant I was. 




Since I am from Delhi and he is from Mumbai it was much more feasible to have a destination wedding. Considering the weather Goa was the perfect choice as Jaipur during summers is ofcourse not a good decision. We also thought of choosing a hill station but again it was not fitting our criterias. Goa was a perfect choice as it went with the ambience and went with our dresses and all. 



We had a total of five functions. First was a pool party in Majestic Resort. It was just our friends and parents as such. It was our best decision as it was an ice breaker for the young crowd. We had Mehendi the next day followed by the ring ceremony at night. And the wedding and reception the next day. As far as the leading up thing is concerned I would suggest everyone to spread the events especially when it is a destination wedding. Our destination wedding was everything that was trending, I would say. We wanted our wedding to be very colourful. Especially the two events, Mehendi and Wedding, the wardrobe was already decided for the guests. We told them strictly that they had to adhere to it.


We asked everyone to wear colours for Mehendi and for weddings it was pastel. It was very coincidental that all of our nearest family members wore shades of pink. It was one of the reasons why that picture came out very well. Kaik and I coordinated our outfit throughout. I picked my outfit first and then he selected his accordingly.


Fun Fact:

Though our wedding was in Goa we didn’t have any alcohol or non veg in it. It was one of our major concerns if our guests will enjoy it as people expect to have alcohol and non-veg when in Goa. But I guess the hectic functions were in our favour as no one had time to think of what is there and what is not there. But we did try to add spice here and there by including a good DJ, a good anchor, a bubble girl for our engagement ceremony and a 360 degree camera so that our guests can have a fun time. 



Makeup: Meraki by Ritika

Hair : Anita 



Mehendi: XoXo Apurva 

Engagement: Dolly J

Wedding: Surabhi Chopra Label

Reception: Reynu Taandon


Mehndi: Balance

Sangeet: Purusham

Wedding: Korabynm

Choreographer: Shown Choreography

Planner: Soul Events by Kabir Thakur (Ketak Thakur)

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