Glamorous celebration of Love

Jagriti Sachdeva tied the knot with Kush Agarwal at a traditional wedding ceremony.

Bride:Jagriti Sachdeva

Groom: Kush Agarwal


e met on a dating app, Hinge. The Proposal was absolutely magical. One fine night, he tells me: “We are going to meet a few cousins at a very fancy restaurant, so dress well.” I thought maybe this is the night he is proposing, as it had been two-and-a half years we were dating and I was expecting it. But I heard him talking to his cousin on the phone which threw all my hopes out of the window, as I thought he would never propose with them at a restaurant. He guided the Uber driver and told him to take a different route that dropped us at a weird entrance to Central Park. I walked a lot on my heels complaining: “A nice restaurant would never let you walk like this, they would arrange a transfer or something, you have the wrong way, bla bla bla.” But it turned out to be an absolutely romantic walk, overlooking the Manhattan skyline and we approached the Bow bridge; hidden on the side was a dock and I saw fairy lights, which are my absolute weakness. I shout "fairy lights" every time I see them. As we got closer, I saw the entire dock filled with millions of fairy lights, our pictures and a lot of roses. I spotted the photographers behind the rocks, my friends on the bow bridge and his family too. I was so shocked that I didn't hear his speech at all and he had to ask me twice, “Will you marry me”, as I couldn't hear anything. And of course, I said “YES!!!”


Traditions and Functions: It wasn’t like a regular thing leading up to the wedding, where you spend so much time with your family to plan and have those tiny, emotional moments. We all got together just two days before the wedding with the family. It was very overwhelming in a wonderful way.  

Wedding Style: I would describe it as a Casual Glamour for an Indian wedding.

Bride’s Clothes:

        Wedding- Clothes: Seema Gujral, Shoes: Valentino

        Mehndi- Papa Don’t preach, Shoes: Needle Dust x Abujani Sandeep Khosla

        Sangeet- Sawan Gandhi, Shoes: Sophia Webster

        After Party – Pajama Inc.

Groom’s Clothes:

         Wedding & Mehndi- Qbik

         Sangeet- Sawan Gandhi


"I would describe it as a Casual Glamour for an Indian wedding"

- Jagriti Sachdeva

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