eddings have always been about celebrating not just two people, but also life, love, and lifetime memories. During those months of wedding preparations, you would always think about how to make the event a memorable experience not just for yourself, but also for your near and dear ones. Even after so many years have passed by, desserts were and still are a big part of wedding culture. Especially regarding Indian culture and weddings, desserts especially sweets have always been a big part of our lives. The sweet taste is considered essential for celebrating the sweet moments of our lives. The aroma, the taste, and the presentation play harmony in the minds of people. Various parts of India have their own unique and delicious desserts, and we Indians cannot help but indulge in our guilty pleasures. What if this wedding season, not just desserts but the counter itself becomes the showstopper of your wedding? Fear not because we bring to you a ton of ideas to revamp and spruce up your sweets corner this season.

Align With the Theme

Today the wedding themes are as popular as the wedding itself. From pastel tones to, floral decorations, and vintage sophistication to your own fairy tale dream weddings, Indian weddings have always been exotic and grand in their own ways. A theme just adds that extra oomph and glam to your wedding, so why should the dessert corner go amiss? Align your dessert corner with the same theme as your wedding. If you are going for pastel shades, decorate the dessert corner with similar tones. Uniformity always brings that charm to your wedding décor.


Different Types of Setups

The dessert table or bar often gets a lot of attention at weddings, and rightly so. A whole wedding dessert bar has been a popular alternative to the traditional wedding cake. This is especially the case for Indian weddings where sweets are an important part of this whole journey. Dessert bars have evolved with vendors crafting them with more meaning, colors, arrangements and style. You can go for different arrangement setups or add different décor to revamp your wedding. Use sturdy yet fancy stands, tables and linen to add that extra charm. Let the desserts be the showstopper of the night, besides the lovely of course.



Incorporate Your Personal Touch

You will always want your dream wedding to be executed perfectly, wouldn’t you? Wedding planners and event managers have always been the helping hands in such situations- when you want your wedding to be executed as perfectly as possible. However, do not forget to add your own personal touch to it. It can be a new dessert recommendation or the flower arrangement that caught your eyes the other day.



A list of New Sweets Menu

The best part about desserts is the modern merrymaking which has upscaled the flavors and packaging of the much-appreciated sweetmeats. Highly customized, wrapped in visually sumptuous finery, and celebrating Indo-western blend, one is spoilt for choices such as whiskey ladoos. New takes on traditional sweets can be a go to of your wedding this season. Pairing your favorite cocktail orc drink with your favorite sweet dish can also bring new flavors on the plate. Sweet shops these days also take extra care of presentation when they are catering for a wedding, so extra credit to them for that.


Not Just Sweets as Desserts

You can also take a break from the regular and traditional wedding sweets to something a bit newer and more contemporary, maybe with a bit more sophisticated twist. There is always room for evolution, new thoughts and uniqueness, and wedding should definitely be as unique as you are. And what other way to spell unconventionality than with unique wedding dessert ideas and a non-traditional flavored wedding cake, that will leave your guests in awe. If a four-tier sugary spread does not sound appealing to you, there are a variety of modern dessert ideas to take your wedding menu up by a notch. From cupcakes, macaroons to even candy bars for the kids at the wedding, you can revamp your sweet corner however you want to.  


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