eddings are all about details and perfections- from your favorite flavored wedding cake, and floral decorations, to themes coming to life. However, we must accept this understated fact- ‘lighting’, is an important aspect or element of a wedding. Whether it is to set up an ambience or creating focal points through the venue, lighting can set the tone for your entire celebration. There is lighting for every wedding theme and style- from ultra-glam chandeliers to rustic fairy lights. From outdoor weddings to indoor ones, the right lighting can set the perfect mode for your wedding an elegant chandelier over the dance floor will make your reception space feel like a royal ballroom, while draping lights over your ceremony arbor will make your wedding like one that is straight out of a fairytale. Use solutions like up lighting to create focal points throughout the wedding, such as the ceremony alter, the dance floor, etc. lighting also helps you create a special kind of experience for your guests. Thus, our team brings to you this list of beautiful lighting ideas that could not be more appropriate for your wedding occasion.


A go-to lighting choice for a more traditional wedding day, chandeliers add a dazzling and flattering sparkle to your wedding celebrations. While stereotypically, many might think that chandeliers would be put up inside ballrooms, how about you bring the royal ball at the footsteps of your wedding eve. If the wedding is taking place in an outdoor setting, then you can also hang small crystal chandeliers in the trees, for a whimsical wedding. From your wedding ceremony to cocktail party and reception, the stunning elegance of a chandelier becomes the focal point and a conversation-worthy piece. Chandeliers can help give a royal touch to your wedding day.



String lights are a popular addition to weddings today. Create the illusion of a starry night or a scene straight out of a fairytale by draping string lights above your dinner tables. This type of lighting helps define the space while introducing a touch of whimsy. While warm yellow or white are the most popular choices for string lights, you can also add a different touch to your wedding by choosing the lights in your wedding color. So, this time you want to add that oomph to your wedding, hang string lights around trees at your outdoor wedding reception for a beautiful wedding ceremony.



Are you someone who loves the extra dramatic effect at your big events? Then candelabras are the go-to choice, especially if the big event in question is your wedding. You would not want anything to fall short, right? Candelabras create a dramatic effect on your wedding day when used as centerpieces. This option provides an intimate lighting effect and allows guests to see one another from across the table. If your wedding is based on vintage, bohemian or whimsical themes, then candelabras are the best pick for you.



Although it sounds a bit too boring and simple, candles have the power to create a magical vibe around a place. Both visually pleasing and a thoughtful use of space, candles are incredibly romantic and unique. Hanging candles are very much in trend right now. Another versatile and affordable way to use candles is by using votive candles. You can use large votive candles to light up or line the aisle during your ceremony, and smaller varieties can be used for décor on reception tables. Battery-powered options are great for indoor event settings where there is a risk of open flames. You can mix-and-match or coordinate with your wedding colors.




Illuminated letters stand out, making them great for the entrance of your venue, or as a focal point at the reception. You can get trendy light-up letters customized with your initials or words that describe you as a couple. Popular words also include the words ‘love’, the initials of your name, and even wedding hashtags. You can also customize the lights according to your own preferences. Some couples also use letters to direct guests to different stations, like the different food counters, photobooth (if any), dessert table, bar, the dance floor, and so on.


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