It was everything they wished for

It was a day filled with nature and love

  • Bride: Dr Abhinaya Yeddala
  • Groom: Nikhil Bharat Punjabi

e met in a volunteering group, Fusion Halifax in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Fusion was hosting a multicultural event in the summer of 2017. Nikhil was part of the planning group for about a year when Abhinaya joined the group in the summer of 2017. Abhinaya says: “ I remember sitting right beside him on day 1 of joining the planning committee. I introduced myself to the entire group and cracked some jokes, everyone interacted with me except him. Our first conversation was very short. I asked him if he had a “bucket” as I was in charge of logistics for the event and we needed a bucket. He said he doesn’t have a bucket. I found that strange, so I asked him how do you mop your floor, he said “with a Swiffer”. We then had a very short conversation about where we were from. After this we did not speak until the event was over. He was a man of few words and I was a woman of many. So we were very different. We then had a success party after the event. After the success party, our mutual friend was dropping both of us off at our respective houses. After his friend dropped me at my place, Nikhil asked me out for a coffee. I said “Sure”." I didn't quite know that he was interested in me. But he did tell me that he always wanted to ask me out but never did until that day. We then met for a coffee and it was a very awkward meeting. After this we met one other time and did not really stay in touch. After over a month, I asked him out again. Something about that day made me feel so comfortable with him. He was a warm, personable and respectful person. I felt very comfortable when he was around. I never felt judged and I could completely be myself. We both faced some challenging times and we got through them together, making our relationship even stronger. Everytime we met or spoke after that made our relationship stronger and there was no looking back. His parents knew earlier and my parents then knew in Jan 2020 and ever since then we were planning the wedding which kept getting delayed due to COVID.


The proposal: There were about 2 attempts that failed miserably since I knew it was happening. The proposal then happened a day before the Haldi. He arranged a candle-lit dinner in a treehouse in Alila Diwa. He blindfolded me and took me up the stairs which were lit up by candles and had a big heart shape filled with red rose petals and he got on his knees with the ring. I was in my pajamas when this happened. We then had dinner and the menu was specially curated for us by Alila Diwa. The proposal was everything that I ever wanted. 


Choice of Goa: Nikhil’s family is mostly based in Mumbai and Abhinaya’s family is mostly based in Chennai. We did not want either of the cities because we wanted to keep it intimate but at the same time did not want our destination wedding to be too far from either cities, so we chose Goa. We did extensive research on the right resorts or hotels to host the wedding. We then found this beautiful resort, Alila Diwa Goa. It was everything we wanted. It was serene, different, beautiful and had amazing food and amazing venues. 


Traditions and Events

Haldi: Haldi was our first event and most of our guests arrived a few hours before and some were arriving as haldi was happening. Our decor was simple but we had it in an open courtyard. It was filled with greenery, we sat under a banyan tree that was decorated with Marigold flowers. We had dhol walas and lots of music and lots of dancing going on. 


Engagement: We then had a South Indian style engagement ceremony at night. The theme was starry night. We had lots of hanging lights. We exchanged rings. We all wore south Indian attire to respect my side of the family.


‘ The’ Day: The next morning was our wedding. It was an early morning wedding. We wanted it indoors but still wanted to be in the midst of greenery and water and skies. So we chose an indoor venue which had glass walls. This made it look like an outdoor wedding without feeling stuffy in our clothes. 

The Wedding Style: Filled with nature. We wanted all 5 elements during our wedding events. So we had the greenery, water bodies, open skies, starry nights. Just made us feel grounded. 

The Sourcing: Destination: Alila Diwa, Goa

MUA: Monika Dey

Photographers:  Magic Motion Media

Clothes: Sabyasachi 


It was comfort which was felt when they were together.

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