ndian weddings have always been an affair of colors and grandeur. With the changes in today’s world, the impact of weddings or any extravagant event in general on the environment is slowly coming to the forefront. People are slowly becoming more and more conscious of the environment around them. Henceforth, the new norm of eco-friendly invites has started. If you are someone who loves the nature, and want to add your personal touches and values to your wedding, then opting for eco-friendly invites is the way to go. You do not need to compromise on anything for your wedding, and it will also have a non-conventional touch to it. You can either reach out to companies that specialize in making such invites, or you can simply try your own ideas out. So, what are the benefits of eco-friendly invites?

Advantages of Eco-Friendly Invites


Sustainability is an aspect that should be kept in mind at all times during any event. The paper or material used in regular invitation cards might not be the greatest for the environment. The heavy metals from the inks which are removed end up in landfills, and some emissions are also part of the process. A nice alternative to this would be using eco-friendly invites, which guarantee sustainability by using paper from hemp and bamboo.



Eco-friendly wedding invites also use recycled paper, which is a brownie point of it. We need to save trees in order to bring down global warming and recycling is the way to do so. Besides, you would be helping a lot of people in the process, who are trying to overcome hardships such as homelessness by making recycled paper.


Going Digital:

Digital invites are not just convenient, but they are way better for the environment. Going paperless is an excellent way to reduce your event’s environmental impact. When you consider how many events our families organize each year, especially the wedding part, sending out many invitations for each celebration may quickly add up.

Doorway to Innovative Ideas:

Environmentally friendly invitations open your doorways to innovative thinking and interesting ideas for decoration. For instance, you can go for calligraphed wedding cards. Calligraphy looks gorgeous, and it eco-friendly too. In this way, you are also supporting an artist for his work. You can also send post cards as your invitation, as they tend to become cherished keepsakes to people and they do not envelopes so that is a plus point as well.


Brands You Can Reach Out To


Plantables, is a company created by sustainability enthusiasts Garima Kapoor and Sumat Nanda, that makes eco-friendly products which are perfect for this era of green weddings. Their wedding cards are elegantly made and crafted out of seed paper, and their products give greenery a chance to thrive on the planet. Plantables come to your aid when you are in search of something beautiful and pocket-friendly at the same time. Plantables’ seed paper apart from being biodegradable is 100% wood-free and made up of waste cotton scraps making it extremely environment-friendly.


Botanical Paperworks:

Due to its uniqueness and beautiful designs, Botanical Paperworks has become the favorite of a lot of people out there. It crafts unique invitations on their innovative eco-friendly seed paper. The company is working on waste reduction and spreading beauty through biodegradable seed paper made from post-consumer material. Through their collection, the company saves the local landfill 10 tons of paper per year.


Paper Culture:

Paper Culture matches modern design with the sustainability aspect, through their beautiful wedding invites. Paper Culture’s cards are made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper, which means no tress are felled during the whole process, and each order results in planting a tree. Through the company’s partnerships with different organizations, they are able to identify where trees will be the most impactful, and where they are needed the most

Words With Heart:

This company focuses a lot on women empowerment and sustainability through their wedding invites. Words with Heart makes their invitations by using recycled paper, and prints the designs using inks with vegetable base and green electricity. Each item sold, contributes to funding of a certain number of days of education for girls in developing countries.


Greenery Wedding Invitations:

Their wedding invitations are printed on plant-based (white bamboo) cards with recycled envelopes. They focus on reducing carbon footprint as they deliver these beautiful invites. This has been possible thanks to the recycling scheme that they have adopted which is not only affordable, but also great for the planet.


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