hange is the only constant is a popular saying which is undeniably true. There was a time when traditional wedding cards were considered mandatory and the families used to spend immensely on the cards, be it time or money. But now with the digital world spreading its roots, the e-wedding cards have gained immense popularity and have completely washed away the market of the handmade/handwritten wedding cards. Digital invites allow you a welcome departure from traditions that stand obsolete in this digital era, when everything from your electricity bill to your promotion letter lives on your phone. It is only fair that there is space on your phone for a wedding invite too, which being a beautiful card/GIF/video will have a voice and life of its own. Today social media has become an integral part of our personal lives. What’s better than social media to share the big news and invite your dear ones? Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, i-messages, Gmail etc are the most popular sites to send your e-invitation. Your guests can also RSVP themselves then and reserve their seat at your glamourous party. With just one tap your e-invitation can be sent to your desired people. You might be wondering why and how it is beneficial to us? Wedding cards cut out of paper, prevalent even today, also make for an unnecessary hassle. It starts right from selecting the quality of paper, the design, then after a few hours of mind bugging, getting them printed, stored, addressed, stamped and finally posted. On top of that, they take their own good time to reach their destination. These have chances to get easily misplaced. Since it is not on your guests’ phones, and they don’t have information about the wedding date, venue etc handy all the time. Also these paper invites are not eco-friendly and do not promote go-green. Well, the bright side to the e-invites is that you can invite your folks to the wedding, but do so with a marked consideration for mother nature. It can be just a small step towards helping the earth heal and reducing your carbon footprint, insignificant as it may be, but it will be a start. But the herculean task is to make that perfect e-wedding card/video: Rectangular or horizontal? Pastel or glitter? Regular card or extra thick? These are just one of the few questions regarding wedding invitations. A wedding card reflects your thoughts and emotions. It officially marks the word out to the people in written and hence it holds immense value. Scroll ahead to find some of our picks for you.



Have a perfect picture of your wedding card in your mind? We pretty much guarantee you can put your thoughts and get the same exact things–and if it’s not there, you can create it. Be it videos or cards this site offers the most exclusive designs for your big day. It just takes less than 43 seconds for the site to create a card design preview. It combines multiple layers of animation into one, in real time, to come up with the perfect personalized GIF card for you. We are sure that GIF invites would add a little sparkle and be truly appreciated. If you are looking for something unique and fresh this is your must visit site. 



Founded by  brother-sister duo, the company aspires to create a wedding card store allowing Brides and Grooms globally to effortlessly choose and purchase invitations from the comfort of their home. You would be presented with elegantly designed invitations that would reflect the vibrancy of Indian culture with a spark of your personal taste. Your invitation wordings would be  aesthetically placed on your chosen design so that your invitation turns out as you envisioned it to be. 



If you want to go for something out of the box, in favor of a quirky invitation for your wedding party, this independent graphic illustrator and comic artist is your person. Ahmedabad-based Shailly Gajjar has a flair for designing unique caricatures of couples to narrate their stories against an India-inspired background. Go check out her page for some interesting content.



If sustainability and zero waste are a priority in your wedding planning process, this site is your go to. Numerous designs offered and created by independent artists; these easily rival those of any printed invitation. On the logistical front, all kinds of useful features will make your life that much smoother. Things like guest messaging (including a guest-tagging tool that lets you filter out certain people, such as just the wedding party), auto-reminders for guests, and survey questions (like red wine or white wine?).

On the sustainability forefront, this brand is also all about giving back. Fun fact: Till date, Greenvelope users have saved over 990,000 pounds of paper and the brand has planted 26,000 trees.


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